About Virtual Assistance

What's A VA and Why Might I Want One On My Team?
Although the concept of “Virtual Assistance” has become more widely recognized, there are still some very divergent views of what it means to work with a VA. Here’s my definition:
Definition of Virtual Assistant


Sounds great, right? It really is, both for you as my client and for me as your VA, and this is why:

    • I’ve been trained by the best in the industry, and have years of knowledge and skills to leverage in our work together.
    • Like you, I’m a business owner. I have experience in dealing with the unique challenges and responsibilities of managing your own business.
    • You have all benefits of an employee, without the brain damage.
    • I know how to work with you efficiently when we’re separated by miles and time zones, from my own office, using my own technology and equipment.
    • I’m with you for the long haul as much as possible, and I work on retainer so that you know I’ll always have time to devote to you.
    • I want to see your big picture, understand your goals, and share your passion for what you’re trying to accomplish professionally and personally.

Still have general questions about how virtual assistance works? Check out these resources from AssistU:

FAQs About Working With a Virtual Assistant

How To Get The Most Out Of The Relationship With Your Virtual Assistant


Now that you’re armed with a better idea of what a VA is, let me give you some more specific information about how I might work with you as your VA:    Working With Me

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