About Me

What will I bring to our partnership?

JudeRush-2704WebOnlyAs a VA, I am a warm and dependable partner for my clients, offering candid and insightful opinions on operations and administration, and work that is skillfully executed with exacting standards. I am keenly observant, continually envisioning ways to improve and upgrade, and am deeply invested in providing elegant and thoughtful solutions to every challenge my clients and their businesses face.

I’ve worked virtually for over 18 years, giving me the freedom to collaborate with clients across the country. I am fortunate to work alongside entrepreneurs with big dreams for their small businesses, and to play an integral part in helping them achieve those dreams. I love providing the support which enables them to grow the companies they envision. I excel at creating systems and processes that build strong business foundations, and handling all the details that help pave a smooth path to successful outcomes.


Remember the “The Wizard of Oz”?

Dorothy and her friends had all the brains, heart and courage they needed to reach their goals. The wizard helped to illuminate those inner strengths, though in the end he was revealed to be just a normal guy, standing behind a curtain pushing the buttons and pulling the levers that allowed him to be seen as great and powerful in his world. I love the metaphors in that story, and the message it sends: you already have what it takes to get you where you want to be… you just need some help making it all come together. Think of me as the woman behind your curtain, managing the mechanics that allow you to go out and be great and powerful in your world.

Occasionally, when I talk about what I do, I’m asked about trust and integrity, and how that factors into working in a virtual relationship. Are you curious about that too? This page might help address those concerns.
I was recently interviewed by AssistU founder, Anastacia Brice, as part of the Work With A VA “Interview With A VA” series. We talked about my practice, a life well-lived, and breaking the law! You can listen to our conversation below.

How did I end up doing this work that I love? There’s more about that here:  My Path to Here and Now

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