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Here are some kind words from my clients about my work with them…

Collaborating with Jude Rush as a virtual assistant, hands down, has been the best investment I have ever made for my businesses. She has helped put my dreams and ideas into an organized yet fun and finally profitable business. She has allowed me to be my creative self and uses her wise guidance and organizational skills to create something that is sustainable and a contribution to the world that I could be proud of even if I died tomorrow.

I wear many hats as a doctor, educator, writer, speaker, and end-of-life care advocate. This can be challenging for anyone trying to just understand my businesses and passions and quite overwhelming for someone trying to manage all of the moving pieces. Jude has been exceptional in her ability to not only understand me but help me be more cohesive and streamlined around it all. I still have much to learn and am grateful I have Jude by my side to steer me in obtaining my goals while remaining practical and sage (her not me).

I do not consider myself tech savvy. The depth of understanding Jude has around what it actually takes to create processes that capture an audience, and the backend workings of how that actually happens is unfathomable to me. It is not something I would ever tackle and am beyond in awe of how she seems to do it with ease.

She has a knack and love for financials. I loathe the idea of attempting to keep all the financials of each business organized and categorized. Watching my bank accounts fill up when they had been devastated is something I do attribute to Jude’s help.

And lastly, I feel beyond loved and supported by this incredible woman. There have been many times I’ve considered throwing in the towel and just relying on my ER skills to help me survive. But Jude is a part of my team that has made me not only want to survive but to thrive. She gives me the encouragement I often need to follow those things that make me soar. She has given me a support network not just in business, but in friendship that words will never do justice.

If I could clone Jude I would, as she is so needed by many in this world. But since I can’t, I would just love to acknowledge how much gratitude I have for this incredible woman.

Dr. Charlotte Charfen

Life & Death Wellness Center

When I decided to work with Jude, I was looking mainly for marketing support – in particular, creating an email newsletter, automating distribution of my blogs. I didn’t have any systems in place – the technology required scared me! I felt overwhelmed and stuck.

But as soon as Jude explained that she loved creating digital marketing systems, I actually got excited – I wrote eight newsletter articles in three hours, because the fear of the distribution process was off my shoulders. With Jude as part of my team, I have my sanity back. Everything that Jude oversees just flows, and I know that whatever processes she puts in place will work. I have absolute, unqualified trust in her. She’s a demon proofreader, she covers the details, and she meets – and exceeds – my levels of professionalism. And she is SO technologically literate and adept. There’s nothing I’ve asked her that she’s said “I don’t know” to!

Jude is a badass. She’s immensely competent and handles all the most important and most scary things beautifully. I am extraordinarily grateful that she’s on my team. My business is what it is because of Jude!

Lisa Poulson


When I contacted Anastacia Brice (the founder of Assist U and pioneer in the world of Virtual Assistant Training) to help me find a best-of-the-best assistant, I set the bar very high. I wanted someone who was whip-smart and a highly cogent communicator, who was very tech-savvy, emotionally/spiritually intelligent, and meticulous with detail, and who was creative and confident enough to push me to grow my already-successful coaching/consulting practice.

To cut to the chase: I found that person in Jude Rush. She is all of these things and more. After working with Jude, I am thrilled with her performance and the impact she’s had on my life. She does the things I didn’t like doing (and does them better and faster than I ever did or could – such as invoicing, scheduling, researching). I am pretty much a control freak – especially around communication with my clients, all of whom are successful lawyers – and Jude has earned my complete trust to interact with them on my behalf.

Jude’s intake process (wherein we met for several hours over several phone calls to make sure we would be a good match) was extremely thorough and amazingly well thought out. I count my lucky stars she accepted me as a client. Truly. (via LinkedIn)

Bill Jawitz


I was a solo artist, a solo run business for four years until Jude Rush joined my team. Her arrival in 2016 was pretty much the launchpad for everything moving to the next level. Jude has been instrumental in elevating all of my business lines, and has taken on every new project with enthusiasm. Because I had just begun building my online classes, she worked with me side by side to not only launch the new e-classes, but navigate all the best development options, design ideas and marketing paths. I have a tendency to come up with new ideas at the drop of a hat, and her support and advice has proved invaluable. When Jude is on your team, she is fully committed and present.

Today I have four additional assistants in other areas of expertise, but Jude remains my number one. Even on the days when I feel completely overwhelmed, just knowing she is there grounds me. Her expertise with behind the scenes programming borders on genius, connecting every aspect of my online presence to my campaign lists, events pages, and e-courses, bringing all the moving parts together seamlessly into one cohesive unit. Because she also invests time in learning about new products and features in her field, she is constantly offering new ideas for improvement. She has the skills of a visionary, and the discipline of a manager.

A client told me yesterday that my marketing and web presence was absolutely outstanding. I owe so much of the exponential growth of my business over the past year to Jude’s guidance, advice, and partnership. I do not know what I would do without her.  (via LinkedIn)

Nancy Medina

Nancy Medina Art

I knew that Jude was amazing from the moment we first connected, but I had no idea the difference partnering with her would really make in my business. I’ve just finished my most profitable and successful year, most of which I credit to our work together, including the efficiencies and streamlining she’s created in my business processes. Jude is a dedicated professional, anticipates opportunities, issues and problems often before I do, and is now a critical thinking partner as my business continues to grow and develop. Plus, she’s fun and funny and super easy to work with. I only wish I’d met and started working with her sooner! (via LinkedIn)

Hanna Cooper

Hanna Cooper Coaching

I’d love to tell you all the wonderful things Jude does, but I hired her so that I didn’t have to understand it all. She really does take so much off of my plate so that I have the opportunity to not get hung up on the things that stress me out because I don’t know how to wrestle them to the ground.

For example, I knew that I wanted specific automated email replies for a recruiting campaign I was putting together. When someone inquired, they’d get email A… after completing the next step, they’d get email B… if they didn’t respond in a certain time frame, they’d get email C, and so on. I loved the idea of automating it, but the notion of making it happen simply blew my mind. Insert Jude Rush, who used Zapier to trigger certain actions within my CRM (which she found and set up based on my business processes) and email system. Yay us!

I’ve also struggled with keeping my financial records current, so she found a system I can access from my computer or cell phone, and she’s scheduled times to check in and review my books.

I share all of this for this important reason: I can do my best and bring my best to the world when I can play with the things that delight me, instead of worry about the infrastructure that bogs me down. And I can stay in the realm of delight thanks to Jude. Maybe you can too.  (via LinkedIn)

Sara Russell

Sara Russell

“Jude Rush is a true partner to our organization. I appreciate her follow through, attention to detail and the way she thinks of things before we do. She has an incredible background in diverse areas of business, which makes us more efficient, organized and professional. You’ll be very wise to choose Jude Rush as your virtual partner!”

Judy Ringer

Power & Presence Training

“Who me? Need a VA? Never! Or so I thought. As a fairly independent professional starting up a new business, I was not convinced that I needed a VA, although I knew that I was struggling to move forward in my business with all the work that needed to be done. Thus began my search for a VA, which fortunately ended shortly with finding Jude. Jude had a very thorough approach to considering working together which convinced me from the start that she would be a “right fit”. When you read Jude’s “About Me”, I can attest that she is all that she says, but so much more. The “much more” being the value of her wisdom and thoughtfulness that have supported my journey. She has given me gifts of time, insight, and systems that transcend even the start-up side of my world into my day-to-day life. It simply does not get better than Jude and her work. It is my fondest vision that my business will grow to the point that I will leave “corporate healthcare” and go independent with a wealth of resources so that I might work with Jude full time. This wish speaks to the value of who she is and the value of what we have accomplished together. Thank you, Jude, for your work and the gift of you. It is truly my pleasure to have you as a partner!”

Cynde Herman, Ph.D, MBA, MS. Ed, Certified Coach, FACHE

Herman Learning, LLC

“Running a band is running a small business. Period. It is a constant juggling act of coordinating schedules, funds, thirty different kinds of merchandise – a veritable litany of things that, quite honestly, most musicians are not mentally equipped for. It’s overwhelming at the best of times.  Jude’s remarkable tenacity and organizational skills have afforded my bandmates and myself the ability to get back to the reason we really do this – writing and playing music. She is an indispensable part of our team and our business.”

Shane Sweeney

Two Cow Garage

“I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Jude on several projects which included Jude managing email campaigns on various platforms, autoresponder/drip campaigns to ensure that clients get a steady flow of information during programs, setting up opt in boxes on websites, membership site updates, blog posts, research, ghostwriting and more. She’s really fabulous to work with!

Jude is a consummate professional and communicates at a high level verbally and in writing. She’s also creative, having the ability to think “out of the box” for creative ideas and providing valuable feedback during each stage of a process. Jude sees the big picture in all that she does and is proactive about anticipating needs and identifying potential issues before they arise. She’s also very organized, comprehensive, able to learn new technology easily and I appreciated her consistent follow up and ability to meet deadlines.

Jude is on my ‘A’ list – with her experience, abilities and her overall wonderful personality, when my practice is full and someone is looking for a high-caliber VA, Jude is at the top of my list!”  (via LinkedIn)

Gayle Bu

Bu Virtual Office Services

“In addition to being knowledgeable and professional, Jude was a pleasure to work with, even during stressful deadlines. She created processes that took care of the “business” and allowed me to focus on what I do best. Jude’s honesty and integrity created a working relationship that was free of worry or doubt.”

Melissa Myers


When Jude approached me to be my intern to learn more about social media, it took me 2 seconds to decide to work with her — and believe me — I’ve had many other offers. It makes my day when I have a call scheduled with her because I know we’ll laugh, figure things out, and at the end of the day, I’ll feel like someone has my back.

It was effortless to train Jude in the technical aspects of my business. I felt relief that I could turn over many tasks that were weighing me down. I’m delighted to have more time to work on an important project that, before, I couldn’t get to. Jude is tech-savvy, wise, empathetic, warm-hearted, and a joy to be around.

So what did I do when the internship ended? I hired her, of course!
(via LinkedIn)

Kristy Schnabel

It's Virtually Done

“Jude is patient, organized and an amazing listener. Just talking to her about the mess of tasks in my head helps me get clear, focused and figure out what I can delegate.”

Rachel C Vane

RC Vane Web+Brand Design

“Jude Rush was my personal virtual assistant for several years, while I was experiencing a particularly stressful time in my life and career. She organized and established protocol for all my financial affairs, she managed and set up my business finances and business forms, while she interfaced with my clients. In all of this, she was professional, and her work was performed in a timely manner. Her interactions with my clients were both sensitive and respectful. She did her job well, she took pride in her work and in the quality of all she produced for me. I could not have done it without her. Along with that, when I transitioned into doing parts of the work myself, she had set up systems that I use to this day. The transition was seamless. I am eternally grateful to dear Jude for all she has done for me. I have continued to consult with her and every time, I find her guidance and suggestions to be perfectly suited to my needs.  I feel I am very fortunate to have her as a professional resource, and I will continue the relationship with pleasure.

You are a great person Jude, as well as a very talented, professional assistant. I respect you highly both as a business consultant and as a caring personal guide. Thank you for helping me establish my business and for setting the stage for my personal success. With respectful gratitude, ”

Marsha Malis, PhD., MFT.

“Jude did a fabulous job of doing what I needed done, accurately and comprehensively, several times providing the next logical step even though I hadn’t asked for it. Her organizational skills were evident and she was dependable — I never had to wonder if she was getting my work done. Jude was a real pleasure to work with!”

Alicia Moore

Morada Associates

“First Jude asked questions about my business that helped us focus on the direction and strategies needed to reach our goals.  Then she selected and helped us implement the tools necessary to organize and execute the strategies.  Her help got us out of the quagmire of chaos and onto the road of success. She will be an invaluable part of your team!”

Jan Prince

NLP Of The Rockies

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