Wondering whether I could be the right VA for you and your business?

Here are the answers to some questions potential clients often ask me.

Q: What kinds of clients do you work with?

A: I work with people in a variety of businesses, because at the most elemental level, who you are matters more to me than what you do. I am focused, first and foremost, on building fabulous working relationships with those I serve. I have found the most success in working with clients who:

    • Have the highest ethical standards
    • Prefer a more personal, connected approach in their relationships
    • Value direct communication
    • Do work that makes a positive impact in the lives of others
    • Are open to new ideas and input about their businesses, but are comfortable making the final decisions
    • Understand that I’m an equal, not an employee
    • Approach life with a sense of humor and an easy-going manner
    • Are well-organized or are willing to let me help them become that way
    • Want a long-term partnership with their VA
    • Are somewhat tech-savvy
    • See the value in building systems and processes to provide a strong framework for their businesses

On the other hand, my experience tells me that we won’t be a good fit if you:

    • Can’t delegate easily
    • Aren’t really sure where you’re going with your business
    • Have a hard time not micro-managing your team
    • Prefer to fly by the seat of your pants rather than plan ahead
    • Procrastinate and then end up rushing to deadlines
    • Tend to be more formal in your approach
    • Are just scraping by financially
    • Need to be “the boss”
    • Want someone to be available to help you exclusively and immediately
    • Just need a quick project done or only have occasional tasks

Q: What if I need something you can’t do?

A: I’m highly-trained and have a whole lot of experience. If you need me to learn something to give you ongoing support, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who grasps new skills more quickly than I do. But I don’t know everything and there are some things that are better left to an expert. For those situations, we can turn to my extensive network of trusted resources who are specialists in many different areas. You can work with them directly, or let me manage the process of achieving those particular goals for you.

Q: Why would I work with a VA instead of hiring an in-house assistant?

A: Working with a virtual assistant isn’t the right solution for all situations, but it is absolutely the most cost-effective way for many entrepreneurs to get the support they need. When you work with a VA, you’re only paying for the time actually spent working on your business projects. Some people might tell you that you’re not paying for the costs of having an employee – taxes, health insurance coverage, sick/vacation time, retirement plans, and such – which isn’t entirely true. Like every business owner, I have some of those expenses that I must carry, and those are built into my fees. What IS true is that you don’t need an HR department or have to spend your valuable time and energy administering all of those benefits when you work with me. I send you a monthly invoice. You pay it, and then you focus on the more critical details of your business. It’s as simple as that.

Q: Why shouldn’t I use someone who’s overseas or one of the people on those online freelancing services? I can get it done so much more cheaply!

A: The answer is always this: it depends on what you’re looking for in an assistant. If all you really want is someone to take care of easily-replicated tasks, a few one-off projects that have a short-term time frame, or don’t involve much in the way of written communication – and you have the time to explain very clearly exactly what you want done (maybe more than once) – that might be a great solution for your immediate needs.

If you’d like to work in partnership with someone who is focused on the comprehensive development of your business, and not simply checking things off a to-do list, you’re far more likely to find that kind of strategic support in an expert and experienced virtual assistant. I am a professional, representing you with skill and finesse, and invested in long-term success – both yours and mine.

Q: I’m in Phoenix and you’re in Tennessee – how do we manage the time difference?

A: I have multiple clients in various time zones and we make it work really well. We have common hours when we’re in our offices and can usually connect with one another. When we’re not working simultaneously, we can still be making progress individually in moving your business forward.

Q: What exactly do I pay you for?

A: Because I work only on retainer, you reserve a block of my time each month. I record the time I spend working on your projects, as well as time I spend communicating with you by phone or email. I track my time by the minute, and at the end of each month, round the total up to the nearest quarter hour. You’re not paying for lunch breaks or water-cooler conversations… only for exactly what your work requires.

“That all sounds great, Jude, but what exactly will you do for me?”

I’m so glad you asked! I’ll tell you more here.

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