Each year, the members of AssistU recognize their colleagues for demonstrating excellence in their work with clients and their contributions to the community. I have been honored to be nominated and voted the winner in various categories over the past few years.

VA Of The Year

Criteria: Honors the VA who, by a vote of his or her peers, best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of a top-notch AssistU VA. Some of these are: Actively working in his/her practice, volunteers and/or mentors others, enjoys a good reputation within our community, always seems ahead of the learning curve on new things, never hesitates to jump in and try new things.

During the award nomination process, my colleagues at AssistU had this to say about me:

“Jude exemplifies the qualities of an awesome VA: she’s always learning to improve herself, helps others at every opportunity, supports the community in many ways, and is an ace VA. With her interns, she is just incredible in how she organizes and runs her business and stays on top of everything. She has high standards and drops nothing. Jude has been consistently and steadily taking her business to new levels and sharing that journey so freely with the rest of us. I think she is beyond awesome! Jude is extremely competent and knowledgeable; runs her business with excellence; contributes so much of her time, resources, and heart to each of us in the community; and is the kind of person we all want to know and have on our side in the world. Jude is the definition of a true professional, and a truly GOOD person. She exudes integrity, character, heart, and professionalism. Jude represents every good thing about AssistU VAs, and about human beings in general. I’m proud to know her, and I’m so grateful she is in our community.”

Techie VA Of The Year

Criteria: Honors the community member who, by a vote of his or her peers, has made a big contribution to our community by talking about, and helping out with, tech issues and tools.

During the award nomination process, my colleagues at AssistU had this to say about me:

“Jude knows *so much* about so many different online techy tools, and not only knows about them, but knows cool tips and tricks to using them. If it’s getting apps to talk to each other, or looking for suggestions and/or experience with a tool, she’s been there, done that! When Jude talks about tech… everyone listens. It’s because of her that I know about a way to pause my email inbox, it’s through her that I first heard of the Zapier tool, and because of how effectively she has set up her Asana that I’m inspired to use it in my practice. Her Active Campaign knowledge is impressive and I know she’s an Infusionsoft user, too. She’s especially talented around work flows and the tech to make them happen. She’s always actively training in new things –  she is current, on top of trends, and always willing to share her knowledge of techie things. She always seems to know about the cool new stuff that has just come out… and inevitably has a client who is already using it! She is always looking to figure out how to streamline processes for her clients by using technology and she’s always willing to share that knowledge with members of the community.”

Most Supportive Community Member

Criteria: Honors the community member who, by a vote of his or her peers, has been the most supportive of others, across the board. While the VA of the Year award celebrates ultimate VA-ness, the Most Supportive Community Member of the Year is that VA who supports others, whether through personal contact, posting on the portal, or volunteering in the community.

During the award nomination process, my colleagues at AssistU had this to say about me:

“Jude goes above and beyond to help, answer questions and give insight into situations. If have something that I am struggling with, I know that I can reach out to her and feel heard, understood, and get some really solid feedback and additional points of view. She is always freely willing to share what she knows, no matter who asks. Jude asks questions to really understand what is being asked, and looks for solutions to help or ways to offer support. She is amazingly supportive and I am grateful for her. Her smile and delightful personality spreads joy even outside the forum.”

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